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 Welcome to the Code:Believe Believers Program – a unique journey of growth, development, and recognition tailored to each member’s potential. Our program is designed to foster a collaborative and supportive community where each individual progresses through seven distinct levels.

Level 7: Initiate

  • Onboarding: Welcomed into the company WhatsApp group.
  • Reference: Selected through a referral process. 
  • Education: Guided through an initial orientation to understand our values.
  • Assessment: Tested on acquired knowledge and motivation.

Level 6: Explorer

  • Discover Talents: Identifying and diversifying individual talents.
  • Major Sale Challenge: Achieve a significant sale to ascend to Level 5.

Level 5: Contributor

  • Communication Privileges: Able to contribute in the WhatsApp group.
  • Weekly Compensation: Receive small weekly payments for contributions.
  • Field Experience: Attend sales with Level 4 employees for hands-on learning.

Level 4: Independent Seller

  • Autonomous Sales: Conduct sales independently.
  • Profit Incentive: Earn a 2.5% profit from sales.
  • Office Visits: Access to office facilities with loyalty as a key to progression.

Level 3: Team Leader

  • Leadership Role: Become a team leader.
  • Weekly Meetings: Engage in weekly leadership meetings.
  • Operational Management: Oversee and manage minor teams.

Level 2: Regional Organizer

  • Compensation Package: Receive a combination of salary and percentage.
  • Regional Leadership: Lead and organize in a specific geographic region.
  • HR Responsibilities: Participate in recruitment and team building.

Level 1: Pioneer

  • Core Team Member: Recognized as a foundational team member.
  • Global Opportunities: Eligible for international assignments.
  • Special Recognition: May receive a company car as a symbol of accomplishment.

Join the Code:Believe Believers Program

Join the Code:Believe Believers Program and embark on a fulfilling journey where your dedication, skills, and commitment are not only recognized but also rewarded at every step. Each level brings new challenges and opportunities, ensuring your continuous growth within our dynamic and innovative community. Dare to believe, and let’s elevate together!

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